Tattoo Stylist is an online custom tattoo design business, created with love as a premium concierge tattoo service for all the amazing humans that want to express themselves in a a unique way.

We’ve experienced it too – we get worked up about a tattoo idea, and tend to stress too much about how to transform it into a workable design. So much so, that we almost always forget to have fun, don’t we?

It’s normal – we are trying to build something that is beyond human expression. It’s an echo of our wishes, mantras, past experiences, loving relationships and devoted hobbies.

At Tattoo Stylist we believe no tattoo inspiration is too small or too big, as long as it’s unique.

It’s about telling your personal story on your body; being vulnerable, being funny, being your true self.

The Tattoo Stylist Process

Our tattoo designers are here as an extended arm to your story telling – to guide you through the drawing process with patience and creativity until your tattoo design is just how you envisioned it.

That’s why in striving to lead by example in the tattoo community, we also communicate by examples. We take a look at your favorite tattoo ideas, similar designs, or real life imagery, and help you transform it into a design ready to be inked.

The tattoo has been well designed and done when you can’t stop staring at – not now nor for the rest of your life.

The humans behind Tattoo Stylist

We are Ana and Milena – two milennials who were always the hidden tattoo lovers, but never really found a common language with the rest of the tattoo community. Our tattoos mean a lot to us, even though we are not actually covered in them. They are small, but the gates to calling ourselves “tattooed girls” were closed.

In the past, we’ve stressed about going to the tattoo studio, dreading that the tattooists will think our tattoo ideas are too small, too simple, too insignificant.

So, we’ve decided to start an organization that will help surpass that, create a safe environment for everybody to get their first, second or third tattoo.

To encourage young people to transform their ideas into tattoos safely, with talent and vision.

Our moto is – test everything. If your ideas work, you use them. And then you regret nothing.

Until the next tattoo,
Ana & Milena